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NSJGA - Guidelines for Parents & Spectators

Guidelines for NSJGA Parents/Spectators 

Parents/spectators are required to stay on the cart paths.  In the absence of cart paths, we ask that parents/spectators stay in the rough. 
Please stay off fairways, tees, and greens. 
Parents/spectators may not interact with participants and should remain at least 25 yards away from the competitors they are following
The NSJGA recommend that all parents/spectators stay one shot ahead of the group they are watching. This allows spectators to follow errant shots and help identify where the golf ball comes to rest. 
Parents/spectators should not interfere with any group advancing from behind, nor should they converse with any competitor. 
Cell phones allowed for Emergency purposes only.  
General cell phone use will NOT be allowed anywhere on the golf course. 
Please remember to turn your phone to silent.

Parents/spectators CAN do the following:

*    Walk on the cart path and watch your child play golf
*    Carry an umbrella, food, drink, medicine, etc. for your child.  If the competitor needs any of the following these can be       obtained BETWEEN play of holes, not during play
*    Help your child and other players search for a golf ball

The following actions are UNACCEPTABLE from a parent/spectator:
*    Verbally abusing or belittling players for any reason
*    Yelling and/or cursing at players/officials/golf course staff
*    Hand signals/gestures (These are considered advice!)
*    Interfering with players/officials/golf course staff while in the scoring area
*    Giving rulings to juniors on the golf course (too often the information is incorrect)
*    Interfering with any player’s opportunity to compete fairly and fun while playing the game of golf


Allowing spectators at NSJGA events is a privilege. 

Failure to abide by the above guidelines will result in loss of privileges.

 Dress Code For Juniors And Parents/Spectators

All NSJGA players, parents, and spectators will be required to wear proper golfing attire at all tournaments.  Collared shirts are required at all clubhouses or on the course.

No T-shirts, cut off shorts, jeans, jean shorts or tank tops including spaghetti strapped, will be permitted. Juniors are required to wear spikeless golf shoes or sneakers.   Other types of athletic shoes will not be permitted (i.e. baseball/soccer/football, etc.). 

Short length may be no shorter than 6” above the knee.  Any NSJGA member arriving at the first tee without the proper attire will not be allowed to play