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Pro's Corner

Rick_SchollRick Scholl - USPTA Tennis Professional

Recently a few Tennis Ladies at the club have shown some interest in the game of Pickleball. For those of you not familiar with Pickleball it's played on roughly the size of the 4 service boxes on a tennis court. You hit a wiffle type ball with an oversize ping pong paddle. Whats neat about this game is how I can relate the shots with tennis volleying and quick half-volleys. To me it is excellent practice for tennis as far as quick reflexes and overall play close to the net. I challenge all the Men tennis players to give this game a try! You might even like the fact that you can beat another member at something other than tennis! The myth I originally got about Picklball is that it would be easier for members that are less mobile. When you see it played it acyually is a faster game than tennis because you have to react quicker and be ready to "get low" for the short hops. Currently there is a group of "Pickleballers" meeting Mondays at 9;30 a.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.