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Tee Time Requests

Sugarmill Woods Golf Club Tee Time Policy

Members wanting to reserve tee-times will call in or drop off a tee-time request form at the respective course they are wanting to play for the following week. Then, on the following day, the staffs will collect all requests and assign tee-times. All Tee Time assignments will be based on the time requested, the amount of players requesting that time and what time/s the player(s) received the previous week. The Tee Sheet will then be posted for Member review. Please remember there is no specific time during the day requests should be submitted, (other than before closing at 5:00 pm), because the Tee Times will not be distributed until the following day.

For example: Joe Member wants to play at Southern Woods on August 6th at 8:00am and he need 4 tee-times to accommodate his game. He needs to call in or drop off a tee-time request form on July 30th before 5:00 pm saying his name, what tee-times he would like to have and how many times he needs. Then on Wednesday the staff will go through all the requests and assign tee-times as close to the times that he requested based on how many requests are at that time. Then the staff will print out a copy of the tee-sheet and post on the bulletin board. Joe member can call on Thursday morning or stop by the pro-shop to see what the tee-times are.

If you have any questions regarding the Tee Time policy, please feel free to email The Southern Woods Pro Shop appreciates the members cooperation on the tee time policy.

The Course is Calling

Call Sugarmill Woods Country Club for tee times at (352) 559-7107.